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Looking for a beautiful package but don't have your gift yet or can't bring it in to our store? Check out our pre-wrapped gifts on our Etsy store. These lovely gift boxes are fully wrapped and ribboned packages, ready to use with no assembly required, unwraps like the real thing. Simply slide the box open and place your gift in the box and close the lid. All gift boxes have white tissue paper inside of them. This gift box is reusable or can be easily unwrapped.

We use the highest quality wrapping paper, 1.5 inch double-faced satin ribbon and gorgeous gift toppers that really makes your gift stand out.

This sturdy (8.5" x 11" x 4") box is perfect for shirts, sweaters, pants, small shoes, small to medium electronics, blankets/throws and much more.

Please message us if you're looking for other wrapping paper or ribbon options. We're happy to wrap up the perfect gift box for you!

Just click on the "Buy on Etsy" link below to see all our wrap options and to purchase.
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