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If you're looking to elevate your gifting experience for your clients or employees, you’re in the right place.


Have you ever received a gift so lovely you didn’t want to open it? That’s the standard we set for our gifts.  Your gifts should look as good as the time and money you put into them. Unboxing a gift is an exciting experience—your clients will remember that, share their joy and compare it to other gifts they receive.  Don’t skimp on wrapping, the art of presentation is incredibly powerful.

Along with our exceptional gift wrapping, we offer gift curating, packaging, shipping or local delivery. Gift Six focuses on unique and exciting gifts, not the typical logo pen or run-of-the-mill branded tumbler customers have received countless times before. It’s time to stand out and make a statement. Our mission is to perfectly communicate your brand, while offering a stress-free and enjoyable experience so you don’t lift a finger from start to finish.


Whether you're looking for 5 gifts or 1,000 - we've done it all. We value our clients as much as you value yours. 

Every gifting process is unique. Please fill out the form below to inquire about our services.

Gifts we're loving for 2022

100% Merino Wool throws, made in the USA

Local, small batch jams, jellies, honey or maple syrup

DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Locally crafted, wooden cribbage board

Monogrammed weekender duffel bag

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